Monday, July 15

Center Presents Research and Emeritus Director Receives Award at the Western States Communication Association Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah


The Center was recently well represented at the Western States Communication Association convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Emeritus Director Craig Smith received the Distinguished Scholar Award for his impressive career work. Dr. Jennifer Asenas , Dr. Kevin Johnson, Anthony Cuomo, and Anna Bretschneider Carter presented research about the way certain cultural and legal rationales on First Amendment issues disproportionally affect people of color, religious minorities, women, and the LGBT community (Jessica Tims’ research was also a topic of conversation on that panel). Dr. Asenas also was featured as the Respondent to the Top Papers Panel in Freedom of Expression, and authored a presentation entitled, “Marginalizing Hate Speech: Balancing Student Rights and Learning Environments in Higher Education.” Dr. Christopher Duerringer chaired a panel entitled, “Trigger Warning: The Rhetoric of Guns and Gun Control.”